Sell properties online with the Fastsite Content Management System.

Sell properties online with the Fastsite Content Management System.

Want to sell products online? With the Fastsite CMS property websites are easy to manage and fast to maintain.

Our property module is specifically geared towards companies selling property in South Africa

List as many properties as you like

Properties can be loaded as property for sale, property rentals or both.

Land for sale can also be listed.

This module includes the ability for customers to add properties to a favorites list for later reference.

Properties can also be sent to friend via email.

A main image and unlimited additional images can be loaded for each property.

Images are automatically resized to the correct size for your website.

Properties are assigned to an area, city and province.

Each property also is assigned a property type e.g.:

  • Cluster
  • Commercial
  • Estate
  • Flat / Apartment
  • Golf Estate
  • Guesthouse / B & B
  • House
  • Smallholding / Farm
  • Townhouse
  • Vacant Land/ Stand / Development Land
  • New Development
  • Duplex
  • Simplex
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Duet
  • Stacked Unit

Each property can also be assigned an estate agent. This is the agent that will receive and bookings and communication regarding the property.

Properties can be loaded onto Fastsite and only shown at a later date if so required.

A property search page is also added to the site to make it easy for customers to find any property they require

New agents are easily loaded onto Fastsite and are assigned to each individual property as the property is loaded / updated.

Properties can be marked as sold in which case a sold watermark will appear over the main image.

Details of the selling party and property address can also be loaded onto the system for your reference and will not be displayed to your buyers.